Fortnite: Location of the different jars to color Poiscaille cartoon

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To color the Poiscaille cartoon skin, you will have to find many jars in Fortnite. We show you their location in our guide. One of these novelties of this season 8 of chapter 2 of Fortnite is the skin Poiscaille cartoon, which is a customizable skin. However, the originality lies in the fact that to customize it you must, among other things, collect colored jars on the battlefield, thus allowing you to then put it on this skin.

Three jars are enough to unlock a colorway, which are most of the time in the same place. Moreover, the area where to search is indicated in the title of the small challenge, but it can seem complicated if you do not look carefully in the menus of Fortnite. That's why we're making this guide available to you, so you don't miss a thing.

Location of jars in Fortnite

You should know that we find a total of 21 jars, which will require you to search for a while. However, be aware that it is possible to save time by first focusing the jars of colors that you want to unlock first. If you don't know where to look, just know that you just have to tap on it in the game menu and look at the bottom right, since the location is indicated there. Again, it may be a place not very well known. This is why you will find below the list of all the jars to unlock.

To find the location of the jars, just click on the color in question. This will send you to a more advanced guide, in which it is possible to find a map, indicating the locations with precision.
  • Knightly Scarlet
  • Magenta Lab Y
  • pink hug
  • Ruby Red
  • Renegade Red
  • Orange Pumpkin
  • Or Midas
  • Yellow Sand
  • Banana Yellow
  • Leaf Green
  • Rookie Green
  • V.R.T
  • Ghoul Green
  • Slurp Turquoise
  • Blue Diamond
  • Ice Blue
  • Crystal Blue
  • Neon Purple
  • Violet Tezcatl
  • Robot Gray
  • Stone Gray
To collect these famous jars, you just have to pass over them, as for coins or relics. They will automatically be added to your inventory.
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