Fortnite: Mandalorian Challenges and Quests (Beskar)

Find all the challenges and quests of the Mandalorian character in Fortnite, in order to unlock cosmetics. For this season 5 of chapter 2 of Fortnite, players can take part in special quests to gain experience, but also cosmetics specific to this character. Each of the characters introduced with this new season has their own quests. Here we are going to tell you about those for The Mandalorian, which therefore makes its arrival in Fortnite, with a skin bearing his image.

It is unlocked from level 1 of the Battle Pass and its quests will allow you to get to know some new features implemented in this season 5, which highlights the hunters. Below, you will find all the challenges, but also the rewards that you will get.

Quests, challenges and reward The Mandalorian

  • Epic
    • Visit the Razor Crest.
    • Receive Weapon Specialist Commendations (5) (level 15).
    • Collect ingots (500) (level 29).
    • Find beskar steel in the innards of the Shark (level 41).
    • Defeat Mayhem (level 60).
    • Find Beskar steel where heaven meets earth (level 73).
    • Complete a legendary quest.
    • Complete a Contract (Level 100)


  • Mandalorian Armor Upgrade
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