Fortnite: Pro 100 mode, how to access it?

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Several challenges in the Cosmic Summer event will require you to go to the Pro 100 mode. If you don't know how to do that, we explain where to find it. On the occasion of the arrival of summer, Epic Games has decided to celebrate this event in its own way, with the players of Fortnite, launching the series of challenges cosmic summer, allowing players to collect a multitude of rewards by completing a few quests, which can only be found in Creative mode. As a result, many players need help, especially to access the different game modes in which these challenges must be validated.

How to play Pro Mode 100 in Fortnite?

On the home game modes of Fortnite, you will see, at the bottom, the mode “ Pro 100 “, on which it is necessary to click. If you are in Creative mode, you can enter the code ‭3424-1388-0947 to discover this game created by Awa.

Regarding the mode itself, we are dealing with what looks like a team deathmatch. The goal is to make eliminations to earn coins, in order to obtain better weapons through distributors. The ultimate weapon, which will allow you to easily take over your opponents, is the rocket launcher, which is also necessary to validate the challenges. 

As with most other creative modes, if you play it alone you will automatically be placed in a team. 

As for the challenges to be validated, here is the list: 
  • Spend coins to purchase items from the Pro 100 vending machine (10)
  • Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100 (1000)
  • Revive teammates in Pro 100 (20)
As you will have noticed, these are particularly simple and you shouldn't have to worry too much about making them.

You can find all the Cosmic Summer challenges here.
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