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Fortnite Skin Generator is one of the sites to generate a set of skins in Fortnite, so you don't always wear the same ones in game. As in any good self-respecting multiplayer game for a few years, skins have an important place in Fortnite. Since September 2017, players have had the opportunity to unlock many cosmetic items, nearly 13 at the time of writing these lines. Therefore, it may, perhaps, be complicated to choose an original set before embarking on the battlefield. If this is the case, do not panic, there is a technique: that of skin generators.

Fortnite Skin Generator, Fortnite skin generator

This kind of site, there are dozens of them, but many are fraudulent, trying for example to recover your Epic Games identifiers. Fortnite Skin Generator is one of the safest, but also one of the most used by the community. It's free, secure, and you don't need to enter any information to take advantage of its features.

With Fortnite Skin Generator (available here) you can therefore randomly generate the six customizable sets with skins, in order to give you some ideas, if you have the skins that are offered to you, of course. You will be able to generate the following elements:
  • The clothe
  • The glider
  • The back accessory
  • The collection tool
  • The trainee
  • The coating

Note that you will not recover the skins that come out. This is just to give you an idea, from Epic Games' database which as said before is made up of around 13 skins, also counting emotes and music kits, which don't are not taken into account here. If you don't like your selection, just press again on the category you want to modify to get a new one.

As a reminder, here is the meaning of the colors: Orange → Legendary, Purple → Epic, Blue → Rare, Green → Atypical and Gray → Common

It is therefore better to have a nice small collection of cosmetics to take full advantage of Fortnite Skin Generator, at the risk of searching for long hours before finding one of the skins in your possession. Last small precision, the name of the skins is in English, as you will have noticed.

As we told you above, if you go through a site other than Fortnite Skin Generator, we advise you to be very careful, and above all not to enter any identifier, at the risk of having it stolen.
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