Fortnite: Skin Lazarbeam, how to get it?

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Fortnite players will soon be able to get the Lazarbeam skin and some lucky ones will even be able to get it for free. We tell you how. For more than a year, Epic Games has decided to put content creators in the spotlight, thanks to the Icons series. After Ninja or Pokimane, or more recently TheGrefg, it's now the turn of Lazarbeam. Being particularly popular, his skin is quite expected. We therefore explain to you when and how to recover it.

Skin Lazarbeam in Fortnite, how to get it?

First, know that his outfit and all his outfit, including the Lunch break emote, the Good old hammer pickaxe and the Gingerbread baby back bling will be available for purchase in the store, in a pack or separately , from March 5 from 1 a.m.

However, if you want a chance to get it for free, you can do so through a duo tournament, called Lazar & Fresh Super Repel, which will take place this Wednesday, March 3. As always with this kind of event, the best players will be able to unlock rewards, including the pack Lazarbeam.

Here are the prerequisites for get free Lazarbeam skin in Europe in Fortnite: 
  • From 1st to 200th duo → Lazarbeam cosmetic outfit from the Icons series and its back bling, pickaxe and in-game emote.
  • From the 201st to the 1800th duo → Lazarbeam cosmetic outfit from the Icon series and its back bling in the game.
So you have your chances to try to get it for free and expand your collection. Otherwise, if you absolutely want to get it back, you will have to pay several hundred V-bucks.
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