Fortnite: Skin Venom, how to get it?

The outfit of Venom, one of the Marvel antiheroes, can be obtained by Fortnite players for free, we tell you how. Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite largely highlights the Marvel universe, since many superhero outfits can, among other things, be recovered via the Battle Pass, not to mention the many references made in game. Nevertheless, the collaboration with the two giants that are Epic Games and Marvel does not stop there, since another exclusive outfit can be obtained. This time and after many leaks, we are dealing with Venom, Spider-Man's enemy antihero.

How to get the Venom skin in Fortnite?

Epic Games has just announced that it will be possible to recover Venom's outfit for free in Fortnite. However, you will have to be talented, since only a few players will be able to take advantage of the offer and add this outfit to their inventory in preview. 

Indeed, the Super series K.-O. Marvel, a competition divided into four tournaments, will offer a new series of tournaments, starting November 18 with the Venom Cut, allowing to recover the Venom skin, provided you perform well. For example, in Europe, only the top 1 players will be able to get it. Note that the cup is only playable as a duo, without the option to fill a party, and each of the members must have two-factor authentication. Do not hesitate to recruit your teammate now so as not to be caught off guard.

Nevertheless, given the low chance of recovering it via the Super series K.-O. Marvel, players should normally be able to get it later, since the studio specifies that this is preview access. As with the Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Black Widow outfit before it, it will be possible to retrieve this one from the in-game store within a few days. The official rules are available here.

What's more, all players participating in the cup will receive the exclusive Glider from the Node of Conflict. Another tournament, on November 21, is also set to take place, which could feature a new superhero outfit.
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