Fortnite: Street Shadow Challenges, Ruby Pack

Find all the Street Shadow challenges of the Dark Ruby pack and all the information you need to know to unlock the rewards. For a short month, the players of Fortnite will be able to unlock a free pack, which allows you to recover, without spending a penny, four skins, including a special outfit for Ruby. To obtain these cosmetics, however, you will have to complete a few challenges, four to be precise.

Fortnite Street Shadow Challenges

Unlike weekly or special challenges like Neymar's, these are relatively simple, if not very easy. You should validate them very quickly while playing, without having to make any particular effort. If you don't know how to unlock these challenges, we explain everything here.

When you have collected the pack, four new challenges will appear: 
  • Play with friends (5) → allows you to retrieve the Eclipse Bag back accessory
  • Survive opponents (500) → allows the Celestial Shadow glider to be recovered
  • Inflict damage on opponents (1000) → allows you to recover the Shadow Slicer pickaxe
  • Complete all three Dark Ruby quests (3) → allows you to recover the Dark Ruby outfit

As you will have understood, you should validate these challenges in just a few games, especially since the last one is validated once the third is finished. 

Note that even if the pack can only be collected on PC, you can then validate the quests on your usual platform, if you are not used to playing Fortnite on a computer.
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