Fortnite: The umbrella top 1 season 8 (chapter 2)

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Discover the umbrella offered to all Fortnite players, after having made their first Top 1 of Season 8 of Chapter 2. Following the publication of the 18.00 update, this Monday, September 13 in the morning, synonymous with the launch of the fortnite season 8, battle royale players were able to discover many new features on the battlefield, in particular new gameplay mechanics related to the return of the Cube (you can also find an overview of the new features here). Of course, as always, a new umbrella is available to all players who win a game, making this famous "Top 1".

Indeed, for many seasons now, when a player wins his first game of the season, he receives a free glider in the form of a umbrella in the colors of the theme of the season, or approaching it.

For this eighth season of Chapter 2, Fortnite players can win the “ Umbrella of Ultimate Reality which will not fail to recall the universe of the latter, namely the different realities that intersect. In fact, the Battle Pass pays homage to this, with the Marvel character Carnage skin as the ultimate reward.

The Top 1 umbrella season 8, how to get it?

As we explained to you above, it is imperative to launch a normal game, in solo, in duo or in section, and win the famous Victory Royale. Only in this way can you get that umbrella back, which is exclusive to this eighth season of Chapter 2 of Fortnite. If you fail to make a top 1 during the season, you will no longer be able to recover this umbrella, since it does not appear in the shop. They are therefore very rare and very popular with players.

Don't hesitate to ask your friends for help to win this famous first game.
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