Fortnite: Track the treasure map found in Arnarchy Acres

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Like every Thursday, Battle Pass owners are entitled to their challenge, and one of them asks players to follow a treasure map located in Anarchy Acres. Since the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 3, Thursday means a new week for Battle Pass owners which, as a reminder, is available at a price of 950 V-Bucks or approximately €9,49. Indeed, as always, seven new challenges are available and allow players get battle stars, in order to increase their bearings and unlock new rewards exclusive to the Battle Pass. But, completing just four of the seven challenges is enough to unlock the weekly reward. 

This week a challenge is to find and follow a treasure map displayed at Anarchy Acres. In the first place it will therefore be necessary to go there, even if it is not obligatory, in order to observe this map which is located northeast of town in the small paddock directly to the right. We can therefore observe on this map, a llama, the entrance to Junk Junction, as well as a guard tower.

Ezor, the French youtubeur who you can find on his Youtube channel as well as on Twitch, has produced a tutorial in which he explains exactly where to find the map in Anarchy Acres and where to go to validate the challenge. Of course, if you want to watch for yourself, we do not recommend watching this video, present below, as for the curious, all you have to do is start a game!

Audio Video Fortnite: Track the treasure map found in Arnarchy Acres
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