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If you want to find out your statistics in Fortnite, know that you can use several "Tracker" sites, which give you some significant information. Fortnite Being a battle royale where the competition is fierce, players like to know their stats, such as total or average number of eliminations, winning percentage or many other things. If we can have some indications in game even, this information is unfortunately not sharp. Some players are therefore looking for an alternative, in order to find out their statistics, whether for the current season or for an older one.

To do this, several members of the community have set up so-called "Tracker" sites, intended to Fortnite, but also other games. 

Fortnite Tracker, follow your statistics on Fortnite

As we told you above, there are several sites, more or less effective and precise, named Tracker. The one that will provide you with the most information and that is the easiest to understand is none other than (, specialized in the field and offering statistics on various games, such as Valorant, Apex Legends or Call of Duty. The part devoted to Fortnite will allow you to know more about your total number of victories, kills, your ratio or the distribution of your games between solo, duo and section.

It is however not the only site to offer this kind of information, since tracker.fortnitefrance offers the same thing. The result is however a little less precise and will probably not satisfy players wishing to know a little more about their performance.

We can also mention the site, which will offer you a lot of information about your games and your history.

To know the details of your games, you just have to enter your nickname on Fortnite and start the search. If you don't get any results, remember to check that your Epic Games account is not in private.

You should normally find your happiness with these three sites Fortnite Tracker. You can also take advantage of this information to compare it with your friends and teammates, to find out who is really the strongest.
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