Fortnite V-bucks: How to get cheap V-bucks?

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Find out how to buy cheaper V-bucks for Fortnite, in order to offer you the most beautiful battle royale skins.

What are V-bucks used for?

As in many free-to-play games, players of Fortnite can obtain a multitude of skins in exchange for a few euros. To get them, you have to buy V-bucks, the virtual currency of the battle royale, which can also be used to get your hands on the Seasonal Battle Pass. The latter can be bought in many ways at a high price. But very quickly, buying V-bucks can become expensive, especially since Epic Games does not skimp on novelties, to always inspire players.

Be aware, however, that it is possible to acquire V-bucks by making some savings, although the purchase of this virtual currency remains a cost.

How to get cheap V-bucks?

When you wander on the web, you could very quickly come across advertisements for cheap v buckss. Be aware that it can, in some cases, be a scam, some do not hesitate to trick the youngest, not necessarily being aware of the dangers of the Internet on these things. To be sure that you are not dealing with a scam, you have to go to trusted sites, such as Instant Gaming.

Here, you will actually be able to get your hands on V-bucks, which are very often on sale, allowing you to save some money, with a view to buying a Battle Pass or the latest trendy skin from the store.

Right now, here's what's on offer: 
  • 1 000 V-bucks → 9,07€ instead of €7,99, i.e. -14% reduction.
  • 2 800 V-bucks → 19,49€ instead of €19,99, i.e. 3% off.
  • €50 PSN card → 41,94€ instead of €50, i.e. 16% off.
  • €20 PSN card → 17,19€ instead of €20, i.e. 14% off.
To activate the V-bucks, just go to this address, log in and enter the code. Everything should be automatically added to your account. As for PSN cards, you have to go through the PlayStation Store.

How to get free V-bucks?

Unfortunately, and you must suspect it, it is quite simply can't get free v-bucks. However, you can get some in-game, via the Battle Pass, at certain levels.
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