Fortnite: Week 9 Challenge: Visit Different Stone Heads

Here's a new week starting on Fortnite and therefore a new opportunity to finish your Battle Pass for this fifth season. For this, a first challenge asking you to visit different stone heads and will earn you five stars once it is completed. At the start of the season appeared totems at the four corners of the map. These had a big impact on this fifth season, not thanks to their appearance, but rather thanks to what surrounded them: loopholes. Indeed, these faults make it possible to fly for a time much greater than that of the springboard. And these stone structures have not finished impacting this season since they appear again in challenges of the week. This time, the quest in question asks you to visit different stone heads, with, as a key, a five-star award, useful in the ascent of the landings.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a map for you with the location of the seven totems necessary for the success of this challenge and here is the list of the seven locations:
  1. North West Dusty Divot
  2. North of Tomato Temple
  3. West of Lucky Landing
  4. Mountain of Lonely Lodge
  5. Southeast of Shifty Shafts
  6. northeast of greasy Grove
  7. Southeast of Junk Junction

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