Fortnite: When does Chapter 1 Season 3 end?

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The end date of Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 is, it seems, already known, since it is more or less displayed directly in game. Available since this Sunday, December 5 after a few hours of waiting , following an exceptional event, players were delighted to discover the novelties of this chapter 1 season 3. Among them, we find a brand new map, new weapons as well as certain features that will undoubtedly change the way we play.

Of course, players Fortnite can still take advantage of a Battle Pass, which has been modified for the occasion since they can, more or less, choose their rewards, including a Spider-Man skin. However, this Battle Pass, dear to fans of Fortnite, also seems to indicate chapter 1 season 3 end date.

When does Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 end? End date

In fact, when players purchase the Battle Pass for this 1 season, a message referring to the refund policy indicates that the current season will end on Saturday March 19 2022, which is more or less in line with what we have experienced in recent months (for the last three seasons, more precisely). This may mean that Epic Games has another great event in store for us this end of season.

Therefore, the fortnite chapter 1 season 3 will last 104 days (14 weeks), which is a little longer than the last Fortnite seasons. So we should have 14 weeks of challenges. However, we are not immune to a surprise, or a postponement, given the current health situation.

As for the launch of season 2, it is likely to take place in stride, barring an incredible surprise. However, it is too early to draw conclusions. We will of course know more at the appropriate time and depending on events in Fortnite in the coming weeks, since with this new chapter, things are likely to be turned upside down.

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