Fortnite: Where to find cars and trucks?

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Cars are finally available in Fortnite, we explain where to find them. After weeks of rumours, cars are available in Fortnite. These are all different, offering several possibilities depending on the need. However, if you are looking for these Car, you will have to go to certain specific places.

Where to find cars in Fortnite?

Even if there is, a priori, no place of spawn for the Car, players will be able to find some in large cities, on bridges and their surroundings, which seems quite logical. Unlike other battle royales, it would seem that the Car cannot appear in the middle of the campaign. What's more, even if you arrive in a city in the middle of the game, you should have no trouble finding Car, so many are there.

As a result, you will have to go to a city to be able to drive these famous Car, which will allow you to move faster or escape a complex situation with less damage. Like helicopters, you can inflict damage on your opponents from the inside, being on one of the passenger seats. It is also important to specify that the adhesion of the Car off-road is more complicated, which will force players to favor the use of roads to move around car.

However, unlike helicopters or boats that only have one HP gauge, the Car need fuel to be able to move. If the tanks are all more or less full at the start of the game, as you drive your racing car, gasoline will become scarcer, especially if you use the speed boost. So you will have to fill up at a gas station (the map of all gas stations is available here) or by finding gas cans on the map.
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