Fortnite: Where to find gas stations and how to fill up?

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With the arrival of cars, petrol stations will find a certain utility. We tell you where they are and how to refuel. The cars arrived in Fortnite this August 5, after weeks of waiting and rumors. If it is obviously possible to drive them, it will be imperative to monitor the level of gasoline, in order not to break down, since this is essential. For this, you can count on the gas stations.

Where to find gas stations (gas station) in Fortnite?

The location of these is undoubtedly known to most players, since the gas stations are available everywhere on the map, and especially for a very long time. Since August 5, these will find a new use, very important for players. You can find the different locations on the map below.

As you can see, the gas stations are found in almost all the towns of Fortnite.

How to refuel in Fortnite?

Refueling will not be without danger, since you will have to remain relatively mobile and above all visible for several seconds. So, as with real fill-ups, you will need to approach the station, you grab the fuel pump gun to introduce it into your car, waiting for the tank to fill up. Note that you have to use the fire key to refuel.

In short you must:
  • Find a gas station.
  • Approach the station to grab the pump.
  • Go to the level of the car, press the fire key, to refuel.

You are now ready to use the cars and get the most out of them. Note that even if a boost exists, it consumes a lot of fuel. It is possible to fuel via jerry cans, which are found everywhere on the map to avoid going through the gas station. These can also be used as a weapon, since they explode.

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