Fortnite: Winterfest 2021, all the rewards

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The Winterfest is back at the end of 2021, with no less than 14 exclusive rewards. Back on each of them, which can be unlocked for free. As in previous years, Epic Games is offering players Fortnite to participate in a special event, in order to recover some cosmetics, without much effort. For this end of 2021, we have the right to return the winter party, which, every day, will allow you to collect a gift, simply by going to the chalet. The good news is that all players have access to it, you don't need to have purchased the Battle Pass to enjoy it.

In parallel, challenges are also available, allowing you to recover 18 XP for each successful quest, which is always good to take.

Winterfest 2021 rewards in Fortnite

On the reward side, we therefore have 14 cosmetics of all kinds, of which here are the details.
  • Krisabelle Outfit
  • "Surf Gaze Doré" glider
  • Sentinel Glider 
  • “Holly Hatchet” Harvesting Tools
  • The pickaxe snow shovel
  • FFrosty back accessory
  • Emoticon "That's perfect!" »
  • Music "Gift in the Mountains"
  • “Glittering” Coating
  • "Wool" upholstery
  • "Winter Bomb" Tag
  • Snowflake banner icon
  • “Aural Arc” Trail
  • “Look Ahead!” Loading Screen »
  • "Knitting" Emote

Note that these are the names translated via the image posted by iFireMonkey, who shared the event rewards list. The official name may therefore vary. The list will be updated over time to put the right names, once the gift of the day has been collected.

The event will end on January 6. You can consult the challenges, and the guides that go with them if necessary, at this address.
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