Fortnite: XP coins, where to find them? - Season 4

Find the location of all XP Coins hidden on the Fortnite map for Chapter 4 Season 2. Update of 14/01/2021: The Season 5 plays are finally out. Find them in this special guide. Like the previous season, Chapter 4 Season 2 offers Fortnite players the opportunity to collect XP coins which are hidden all over the battle royale map, even if the challenges for this season 4 are much more numerous.

All of this coins are used, as you must suspect, to earn moreexperience in order to increase your level more quickly in the Battle Pass, and therefore collect the exclusive rewards that come with it. If it is possible to earnXP by validating the challenges that Epic Games offers each week, these coins could be of great help to you.

Fortnite Season 4 XP Coin Cards

As you can see from our maps below, the XP coins can be found all over the map, whether in the center or at the ends.

Note that the XP coins are, like the weapons, available in four variants:  green, blue purple and gold. More the play is rare, the more it will bringXP. Know that the coins violets will explode when you collect them into several small pieces, which you will have to pick up to benefit from the experience. Moreover, if some are easily visible, others on the other hand are vigorously concealed in the landscape. Do not hesitate to search the surroundings if you cannot find one of the rooms indicated on our map.

For the moment, only the coins green, blue and purple are available. We offer you a card for each week. Do not hesitate to come back often so as not to miss any piece and collect a maximum ofXP. To find the map of the week more quickly, we offer them in descending order, from the most recent to the oldest.

Week 10

Week 9

The blue room in Retail Row is in a doghouse, while the one on the mountain east of Catty Corner is in a computer.

Week 8

The blue room to the south is in a valid one, while the one to the north of the Flotilla is in cabinets.

Week 7

The blue room in Sweaty Sands is in a gnome, and the gold room in Doom's Garrison is on the ground floor.

Week 6

Week 5

The gold piece is in the truck, the blue piece in Craggy Cliffs is found by breaking one of the conveyor belts, while the blue one in Retail Row is in a gnome, which must be destroyed.

Week 4

The blue piece to the north is in a shelf that needs to be broken, the gold piece to Stark Industries is in the elevator, while the blue piece to The Authority is in a metal shelf.

Week 3

Week 2

The blue pieces of Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows can be found inside a green tank and a cash dispenser respectively, which will need to be broken.

Week 1

How much are Fortnite XP coins worth?

  • Green Coins are worth 5 XP
  • Purple coins are worth up to 10 XP if all collected.
  • Blue coins give you 6 XP.
  • Gold coins earn you 15 XP.
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