Fortnite: Zone War mode in Bio trio, how to access it?

Several challenges in the Cosmic Summer event will require you to go to Bio's Trio Zone War mode. If you don't know how to do it, we tell you where to find it. On the occasion of the arrival of summer, Epic Games has decided to celebrate this event in its own way, with the players of Fortnite, launching the series of challenges cosmic summer, allowing players to collect a multitude of rewards by completing a few quests, which can only be found in Creative mode. As a result, many players need help, especially to access the different game modes in which these challenges must be validated.

How do I get into Bio's Trio Zone War Mode?

On the game modes homepage, you will see, at the bottom, the “Zone Wars” mode, which you have to click on.

Once in the mode, you will have to make your team (whether you are alone or with friends), by entering colored portals, allowing, in particular, to make your arsenal. Note that the weapons are to be distributed between each member of the trio, so it must be done with accuracy and reflection, while not wasting time. The game then starts and the goal is to be the last team alive, eliminating their opponents.

Note that you will have to build to protect yourself from others, in particular, while progressing towards the center of the area. A very energetic mode.

As for the challenges to be validated, here is the list: 
  • Deal damage to players in Bio's Trio Zone War
  • Get kills with headshots in Bio's Trio Zone War
  • Regain HP or Apply Shield in Bio Trio Zone War
  • Help your teammates score eliminations in Bio's Trio Zonal War
You can find all the Cosmic Summer challenges here.
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