Genshin Impact Eula Best Build, Team, and More!

Starting May 18, the long-awaited Eula will finally join the cast of Genshin Impact. Announcing from the Lawrence family – yes, the extremely tyrannical Lawrence family – Eula is met with contempt, no matter how hard she works as captain of the Knights of Favonius. Sporting Cryo vision and a claymore, Eula is a must-have for any Genshin Impact player. You can try to remove the 5-star character from the "Born of Ocean Swell" banner in the Wish system, but act fast: once the banner ends on June 6, 2021, Eula will be significantly harder to reach!


Similar to Diluc, Eula is what is considered a "greedy" character. This means that she is able to clean up monsters on her own, inflicting massive damage in a short time. Claymore users tend to swing slower and hit faster, but Eula's unique abilities give her a speed boost so she can wipe Eula moves like she's fighting with a sword instead of a heavy claymore weapon, making it an attractive party member to have in any skirmish.

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Best build for Eula

We recommend equipping Eula with Song of Broken Pines, which increases physical damage by 20,7%, increases attack by 16%, and has an impressive starting base attack of 49. Song of Broken Pines cannot be obtained only through the Wish system.

Other recommended weapons for Eula include:

  • Skyward Pride (5 stars, base ATK of 48, offers a powerful vacuum attack)
  • Snow Tombed Starsilver (4 stars, base ATK 44, bonus Cryo damage)

The best choice of artifacts for Eula is the Pale Flame set, which can be obtained from the Ridge Watch estate (northwest of Dragonspine). The 2 piece bonus increases physical damage by 25%. The 4-piece bonus stacks the extra ATK with Elemental Skill use and increases the effect of 2 sets by 100%.

Best team for Eula

Since Eula is a great fit for the primary DPS role, you'll want to focus on building a good support system around her, as well as characters whose visions pair with Eula's Cryo abilities. to create elementary reactions.

Having a Hydro character is useful for squirting your enemies in water and then freezing them in place using Cryo. Since Eula is great at delivering physical damage to the forehead, this also gives her a chance to shatter frozen enemies. We recommend Tartaglia, who can deal a lot of damage as an under-DPS, or Barbara, whose healing abilities will keep your team active and moving through the toughest mobs.

Pairing Electro with Cyro results in the "Superconduct" reaction, which lowers enemies' physical resistance and deals additional AoE (extended) damage to Cyro. Fischl is a fantastic character choice no matter what team you build, and his winged companion, Oz, will stay in the field for quite some time, even after switching to another character. Keqing is another great Electro character to deploy in the field, due to his flashy attacks and lightning-fast moves.

If you want to "melt" your enemies and increase your damage, combine Eula's Cryo attacks with the skills of a Pyro character. Catalyst user Yanfei is a solid choice for players looking to attack at close range before moving in as Eula to finish the job.

For even more details on Eula, check out Genshin Impact: Eula Skills, Talents, Constellations, Ascension. In the meantime, take our What's your take on Genshin's impact? quiz or read information about Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks, new characters and release date.

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