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Bennett is one of four available characters to interact with in Genshin Impact's new Hangout event series. If you're drawn to this adventurer's upbeat charm, read on to find out how to complete all of his unique endings and maximize your quest rewards.

Hangout Event Series I: Bennett Guide

Before you can unlock Hangout events, you must have met the following requirements:

  • Tier 26+ Adventure
  • Have story keys (earn a key every eight completed commissions)
  • Completed the quest Archon: Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom

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There are six endings in total in Bennett's Hangout, which means you can also collect six different photos. The Genshin Impact Hangout Event Series won't punish you for choosing the wrong option – in fact, miHoYo encourages players to unlock all endings by revisiting certain scenes and choosing different outcomes! Almost every game rewards you with primogems and the ability to collect more photos, so don't worry if you select the wrong choice the first time around. You can even unlock several achievements during Bennett's event.

Read on to find out how to achieve Bennett's six endings.

Royce taste tester

Astonished upon finally meeting the Knight of Honor of Mondstadt, Bennett will practically beg you to accompany you on an adventure. Agree with him saying, “Of course! Let's go on an adventure! After that, Bennett will ask you about your usual preparations for exploring. Go with the “prudent choice,” telling her you always cook before you go.

Your response inspires Bennett to prepare a meal for the two of you. Unfortunately, this meal takes the form of an ominous dish and looks like death on a plate.

Once inside the ruins, Bennett's constant series of misfortunes cause the entrance to close. You both hear another adventurer screaming in distress and go to investigate the noise, which turns out to be Royce, one of Benny's former Adventure Team members. Royce is upset to be locked inside with Bennett, especially since he's already run out of supplies.

When Bennett asks your opinion on sharing the disturbing dish with Royce, reply, "You cooked it, you can do with it what you want." »

Bennett's well-meaning act causes Royce to collapse, resulting in the end of "Taste Tester Royce".

Ready to make sacrifices

Follow the steps from the previous branch: agree to go on an adventure and then say that you always cook first. However, when Bennett asks you to share the disturbing dish with Royce, reply, "No way. You owe him nothing. »

Bennett's misfortune, unsurprisingly, continues to hurt your chances of escaping the ruins. Realizing his bad luck only comes when he's conscious, Bennett decides to eat the ominous dish himself in hopes it will knock him out, allowing you to find a way to the outside world.

Happy result

Tell Bennett, “Of course! Let's go on an adventure! as in previous choice branches. This time, when he asks you if you cook the meals, tell him no, you always leave right away.

You will enter the ruins together and come across a room full of traps. When Bennett suggests turning them off himself, say, "Hmm, how can I leave you to face the danger alone?" »

Working as a team, you manage to deactivate the mechanisms and move on to the next room. Solve the puzzle of this room by activating the mechanisms in this order:

  • three torches
  • A torch
  • two torches

Completing the puzzle rewards you with a "The Power of Luck" achievement. You will also reach the end of the happy result and win this adorable picture.

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No wonder it's a first class commission

Once again, agree to go on an adventure with Bennett and tell him that you always leave right away.

You will enter the ruins full of traps and Bennett will offer to experiment with the mechanics himself. Say, “Go ahead! We won't get anywhere just by looking at them. »

Of course, since the mechanics require teamwork, this response leads to instant failure. But hey, at least you unlocked a new ending!

Unsuccessful anticipation

When you meet Bennett at the Adventurer's Guild office and he asks you to go on an adventure with you, reply, "We could just do something else instead." Bennett asks what activity you would like to do. Tell him, "How about we hang out in town?" »

Bennett's misfortune proves consistent even outside of the adventure: Good Hunter's staff are too busy to cook for you, and Marjorie from With Wind Comes Glory doesn't have any of the items Bennett asks for. A crestfallen Bennett lights up when the two of you find a sign for a 50% discount at the general store in Mondstadt, but Blanche, the owner, doesn't seem to be available.

After a very long wait, Blanche finally appears – only to tell you that the discount was for yesterday, and the wind must have blown the updated sign explaining that the store is closed for business.

Hasty farewell

Tell Bennett that instead of going on an adventure, “we could just do something else instead. When he asks you what plan you have in mind, suggest, "How about a nature walk?" »

Bennett wants to show you a meadow full of dandelions, so you meet him on the high slopes of Stormbearer Point - only to encounter a depressingly empty field and a sky full of rain. As the two of you walk around for a bit, Bennett mentions his fathers, the men of the Adventurer's Guild who raised him, and how he often acts as their guardian.

As you speak, the storm gets even worse. Someone from Mondstadt arrives looking for Bennett and tells him to go back to his dads, who are suffering from bad weather. In addition to unlocking this final ending, you will also earn the “Archaic Lord of Lightning and Blitz” achievement.

These are all available endings for Bennett's Hangout event. Don't forget to claim your completion rewards in Hangout's event banner once you've completed them all!

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