Genshin Impact: How to Create Bennett as Support or DPS

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As one of the best four-star characters, Bennett has been sought after by many Genshin Impact players. His role on a team can be a huge support for healing and attack buffs, but he can also hold his own as a DPS.

Support Bennett


With a generous amount of HP, Bennett players don't have to worry much about raising the stat too high. The energy recharge on Bennett can be very good as he is able to generate elemental particles if his elemental skill is used. Cooldown is halved with his passive talents and can go down to two seconds when used in his burst. Two particles are produced when this is typed, with a low chance of a third particle being created. This chance is increased when the skill is held down, but as a support tap is the best way to generate energy for the rest of the team.


The real appeal of Bennett's usefulness as a support comes from his ability to do so many different things at once. Energy saving is important in a team and Bennett is very good at keeping himself and other Pyro characters charged. Healing is important and Bennett is able to heal a significant amount of HP for little to no investment. At level 90 without Artifacts, he has 12 HP, which makes his Burst, at talent level 397, heal for 1 HP per second. With only a five-star Lifebloom equipped, this increases to 1 HP and 320 HP per second healed.

Attack bonus

Bennett's main draw is the attack buff he gives anyone in the area of ​​effect of his Burst, Fantastic Voyage. At level 1, Burst increases the attack of characters inside the AoE by 56% of Bennett's base attack. This means bonuses from artifacts will not increase this attack buff. At level 90 with the Rancor Prototype, Bennett reaches 756 Attack, giving the team a nice 423 Attack buff. The invaluable appeal to buff characters this way makes him able to fit into almost any team comp. .


For full Bennett support, no problem with Noblesse Oblige. The four-piece set provides a 20% attack increase to all party members after Bennett uses his Burst. This bonus lasts 20 seconds and is perfect for Bennett. The stats of the three pieces really depend on what each player wants to use Bennett for. Energy Recharge and HP% are both good to have as Bennett can be used to spawn particles and heal. An HP Goblet and Energy Recharge Sands will provide effective numbers for both, with the Crown being able to either be more Energy Recharge or bonus healing.

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Free weapon options include the Favonius Sword and the Rancour Prototype. The Prototype Rancor is a good choice for players who want to have a weapon with a high base attack as it will increase the Fantasy Travel buff. The Favonius Sword, on the other hand, is for players who want to maximize their team's Energy without sacrificing much Base Attack. Picking up the Favonius Sword will have Bennett crit for additional elemental particles, so the Artifact sub-stats will be much more focused on increasing crit rate.

For five-star weapons, the Skyward Blade and Aquila Favonia/Mistsplitter Reforged are the best options. Skyward Blade has immense energy recharge and high base attack. The Favonia Aquila and Reforged Mistsplitter are tied for having the highest base attack and are the best weapons for maximizing Bennett's Fantasy Travel buff.

DPS Bennett

Using Bennett as a DPS heavily depends on how players want to use him. There are several main ways to play it which are quite simple and provide flexibility in team composition.

crimson witch

In an Overload team, Bennett can excel thanks to Crimson Witch's four-piece bonus. Using Bennett's Elemental Skill will increase the 50% pyro damage granted by the two-part bonus by 15%, up to three times. It lasts 10 seconds and has a maximum of three stacks, which means the maximum anyone can get from it is 37,5%. With high elemental mastery, Bennett's overload damage becomes more and more powerful and with high critical rate and high critical damage, vaporize and melt can also reach high damage levels. For Overload teams, Elemental Mastery will be the best stat to look for. To vaporize and melt, it's best to focus on attack, crit rate, and crit damage.

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Noblesse Obligate

Bennett's Burst can do a lot of damage despite only doing one hit. With a high critical investment, this may be all you need to fight an enemy affected by Hydro and Cryo. What's important to note is that Bennett's Attack buff on characters can be used even outside of its area of ​​effect and even its cooldown for some characters. For certain characters' bursts, they take any buffs that affect them and have those stats saved for the duration of their burst. This gives Bennett ample opportunity to burst, switch, have another character burst, and come back to Bennett to deal damage. Rosaria, Kaeya, Kokomi, and Xinqiu all have bursts that can be disabled after use, making Bennett the main damage dealer as he spams his elemental skill.


The Aquila Favonia is one of the best weapons for a damage-dealing build. Unlike a support Bennett, the DPS Bennett can take full advantage of the increased weapon attack and AoE of his passive. The Physical Damage sub stat is interesting for players charging their elemental skill as there is plenty of time for the normal attack while waiting for it to be off cooldown.

Freedom Sworn and Alley Flash are great elemental mastery weapons that Bennett can use for Overload builds. Their Free to Play option is the Iron Sting, which is sometimes preferable to the Alley Flash since players don't have to dodge damage for its Passive.

Additional Notes

  • Overloading lowers character level and elemental mastery, meaning builds will require a lot more investment than Melt or Vaporize.
  • The two-part wanderer troop is an effective set of artifacts to increase Bennett's damage.
  • Only the elemental mastery of the person who caused the reaction is important for the overload, meaning that if an enemy is already affected by Pyro and is hit by Electro afterwards, the elemental mastery and level of the Electro character is used to calculate the damage.

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