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Grinding in Genshin Impact can sometimes be daunting. That being said, the new redemption codes that developer miHoYo is now offering make things much easier. How to redeem codes in Genshin Impact is also not a huge mystery.

When it comes to gacha games, figuring out how to earn resources efficiently is often the most important thing on players' minds. With that in mind, redeem codes can be a great stress reliever when the occasional session of grinding leads to an uneventful streak of defective item drops.

To that end, find out how to redeem your Genshin Impact codes below so you can have a fresh source of shiny new rewards for the occasional pick-me-up.

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes Explained

Following the massive success of Genshin Impact, the creators of this huge gacha game have apparently decided to give back in an exciting way. Specifically, developer miHoYo has started slowly releasing redemption codes.

As with many games, redemption codes are released sporadically and expire. They are just as precious as they are impermanent. Therefore, you'll want to act quickly whenever you get your hands on a new code.

All in all, redemption codes can provide various bonuses of things. They can offer Primogems. They can provide the adventurer experience. A code can even provide a combination of Mora Coins and Primogems. As redemption codes are a newer feature of Genshin Impact, new types of codes that offer different rewards may be available in the future.

While each redemption code is definitely worth using, each can only be used once per account and each server has its own unique codes. In other words, codes meant for the European server will not work on the US server. That being said, it's a simple process. Find out how to redeem your codes below.

How to Redeem Codes in Genshin Impact

Once you've redeemed a code you want to use, you'll need to follow a few steps before you can enjoy your new rewards. With that in mind, it's not a difficult process.

  • Visit the official Genshin Impact website here. Be sure to log in to your account before continuing.
  • Select “Redeem Code” from the navigation bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Click on the "Server" drop-down list and select your country of residence.
  • If your character's nickname was not automatically displayed in the "Character Nickname" section, fill in the information accordingly.
  • Enter your redeem code in the “Redeem Code” field.
  • Finally, select "Redeem" below to earn your reward.

If your redemption code is valid and you have followed the steps outlined above, you will receive an in-game email with your shiny new reward.

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