Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Cecilia Garden

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Many locations in Genshin Impact require players to solve a puzzle when entering specific locations; Abyssal realms are one of the main ones. While the puzzles are never too difficult, sometimes it's best to get some help, especially if you're looking forward to continuing the game.

How to solve the Wolvendom puzzle

To unlock Cecilia Garden Domain in Genshin Impact, you must first solve the Wolvendom puzzle and have progressed in a specific part of the game; If you don't have three party members given to you through the story and you're not Adventure Rank 16, you can't access Cecilia's Garden yet.

Wolvendom is an area southwest of Mondstadt. If you're looking for the location of Cecilia's Domain, interact with the Statue of the Seven west of Springvale, as this will reveal the region of the map and the padlock icon for Cecilia's Domain.

Once you get to the Cecilia Domain, you need to solve a puzzle to unlock the Abyssal Domain, although luckily it's quite simple. You must guide four Seelie's with their backs to their pedestals past the entrance to the garden. The first is simple, you will notice that one of the pedestals has rocks enclosing it, destroy them, and the first Seelie will come back to float on it.

The second Seelie is to the right of the entrance and is surrounded by Hirchin. Defeat these enemies and bring the Seelie back to one of the pedestals. The third Seelie is to the left of the garden atop some ruins, and the fourth is located northeast of the Abyss realm, hidden behind rocks on the mountainside. Return each of them to the pedestals and the Cecilia Garden Abyss estate will be unlocked after a short cutscene.

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