Genshin Impact Mondstadt and Liyue Deep Sanctuary locations

By design, Genshin Impact will devour your free time. What begins as a playful adventure in the fantasy realm of Teyvat quickly turns into hours upon hours of grinding keys and searching Shrine of Depths locations to get your hands on luxurious chests. That being said, there is a shortcut.

Do not burn the midnight oil aimlessly in search of shrines. Make the most of your time with this very popular gacha game by finding all of the Shrine of the Deep locations below.

Mondstadt Deep Sanctuary locations and how to find their keys

With a considerable gain in Primogems, experience, Sigils and other elements; The luxurious chests are well worth the effort. With that in mind, you'll need to track down Shrines of the Depths if you want to unlock these bountiful chests. The first area of ​​interest in locating these nifty shrines exists in the Mondstadt area.

In total, there are ten Deep Shrines in the Mondstadt region. That being said, just visiting shrines won't be enough if you want to steal those luxurious loot-filled chests.

First, you'll need to search for the keys to the Mondstadt Deep Sanctuary. These keys can be rewarded by completing World Quests and Abyssal Domains in the Mondstadt region. For example, below is a list of useful single domain runs that can be performed for key deletions.

  • temple of the wolf
  • Falcon Temple
  • Lion Temple
  • Eagle Gate

Once you've collected 10 Mondstadt Deep Shrine Keys, visit each of the 10 areas marked on the map above to find and unlock your precious Luxurious Chests.

Liyue Deep Shrine locations and how to find their keys

While the Mondstadt area has a lot to offer, even more shrines can be found in the Liyue area. Filled with 10 other Deep Shrines, taking the time to complete the Liyue region can double your earnings.

Just like with shrines in the Mondstadt area, you will need keys first before you can get chests from shrines in Liyue. This time around, you'll just need to complete tasks in the Liyue region so you can earn the keys to the Liyue Deep Shrine.

These keys can be obtained from similar domain executions, side quests, etc. For example, see a list of important areas to complete below.

  • Domain of the wayward path
  • Domain of Forsaken Ruins
  • Adventurer's Voyages by Moonlight
  • Voyage to Sanguine Heaven

Once you've completed enough world quests and one-time Abyssal Domains, simply visit the locations marked on the map above to discover all 10 Liyue Shrine of the Deep locations and unlock your next batch of Luxurious Chests.

While discovering each of the Deep Sanctuary locations in both Mondstadt and Liyue to unlock your multitude of Luxurious Chests is its own reward, there's still plenty to do in the game. Check out our other Genshin Impact guides here on GameSkinny.

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