Genshin Impact Souvenir Shop Guide: Location, Items, and What to Buy

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As with most ARPGs, Genshin Impact involves buying many items from many stores. One of the first vendors you'll find is Marjorie, who owns the gift shop. This is where you can buy gold, ribbon, weapon ascension gear, etc.

In this guide, we'll show you how to find the Gift Shop and review all the items you can buy there, including their prices. We'll also offer tips on how to get more Anemo sigils and what to prioritize first.

How to access the gift shop

To make purchases in the souvenir shop, you will need to complete the first hour (approximately) of the game and pass Prologue: Act I.

Once you get past this point in Genshin Impact, you can find Marjorie, the owner of the souvenir shop in Mondstadt. It is marked on your map as a diamond and is on the east side of town. Note that Marjorie has a limited number of items available.

Items available in the gift shop

Below is a list of items available in the Souvenir Shop, including their prices in Anemo Sigils, one of Genshin Impact's forms of currency.

  • Agnidus agate ribbon (10 anemo symbols)
  • Ruban de varunada Lazurite (10 centuries anémo)
  • Vayuda turquoise ribbon (10 anemo symbols)
  • Shivada jade ribbon (10 anemo symbols)
  • Prithiva Topaz Ribbon (10 Anemo Sigils)
  • Vajrada Amethyst Ribbon (10 Anemo Sigils)
  • Decarabian Tower Tile (4 Anemo Sigils)
  • Boreal wolf milk tooth (4 anemo symbols)
  • Dandelion Gladiator's Chains (4 Anemo Sigils)
  • Memory of Traveling Gusts (225 Anemo Sigils)
  • Northlander Sword Prototype (225 Anemo Sigils)
  • Mora (1 anemo Sigil)

How to Get Anemo Sigils

Keep in mind that the Anemo Sigil currency is different from gold. You access Anemo Sigils by opening chests around Mondstadt and as Seven Structure Statue rewards found across Teyvat.

Recommended purchases from the start

None of the items available in the Gift Shop are bad, but knowing what to focus on will definitely give you a head start when starting out.

gold and shards

Buying gold is never a bad option, as you will need gold to buy pretty much everything else from other sellers.

The other main group of items to consider are the various Souvenir Shop shards, which are used for character ascension. The item associated with a particular group member will determine which Sliver is used.

For example, Amber uses Pyro, so she will need an Agnidus Agate Sliver for character ascension. Figure out what you want your party to look like before spending your hard-earned Anemo Sigils on Slivers, as they are a bit pricey (at least initially).

Weapon Ascension Material

Your party members will also determine what weapon ascension materials you'll need - like the Decarabia Tower Tile - which can be used to craft the Decarabia Tower Scraps, for example. It's best to solidify your party before purchasing these items from the Gift Shop.

Don't focus on expensive items from the gift shop

The last point is to not focus too much on the more expensive items - the Memory of Roving Gales and the Northlander Sword Prototype - at least not at first. These are used to forge powerful weapons, but at the start of the game you should experiment with various party members and weapons, so it's best to wait for these items.

And with that, you should be more familiar with using the Souvenir Shop in Genshin Impact. Things can get tricky with all the different merchants at your disposal, but once you know more about in-game currencies and what each store has to offer, it's much more manageable. If this Genshin Impact guide was helpful, consider checking out our other guides for MiHoYo's RPG here!

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