Get Apocalypse Preparation Guide Season 7 Challenge

"Getting an Apocalypse Preparation Guide" is a Fortnite Chapter 7 Season 2 Week XNUMX challenge. Find our tips to validate it. The fortnite challenges are always in the game for this 7 season, despite changes to the Battle Pass. Players are now used to it over time, they wait impatiently for Thursday 16 p.m. to discover these new challenges (except for this first week), which are very useful to them, since they can allow them to recover XP in order to to progress in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics, such as outfits, back accessories or collection tools. One of these challenges will require you to get a preparation guide for the apocalypse.

Apocalypse Preparedness Guide Location

Although the title of the challenge may seem complicated to you, rest assured, it is a relatively simple and quick quest to complete. You will therefore have to go in search ofa preparation guide, which actually turns out to be a book. You will have to take the direction ofHydro 16, notable place located at the dam, east of Slurpy Swamp. 

On site, you will have to enter an office, in the eastern part of the building. Little trick to find it easily: land to the north, break the metal door and head straight ahead to enter the small room (see image below). You can use our map below to precisely locate thelocation of the preparation guide for the apocalypse in fortnite.

When you have found it, all you have to do is interact with it to validate the challenge and thus leave with the promised 30 XP, allowing you to increase your level in order to recover the Battle Pass rewards, but also to move on to the legendary quests.

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