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For these birthday challenges players will be asked to get HP or Shield from a birthday cake. We've given you their location so you don't waste time. Fortnite celebrates its third anniversary on September 26, and for the occasion, battle royale players will be able to collect some rewards by completing some fairly simple challenges, even if some will require a little more thought or research. This is particularly the case of the one asking you toget HP or shield from birthday cake.

How to get HP/shield from birthday cake?

As for the challenge asking you to dance in front of a birthday cake, you will absolutely have to find one in order to validate this challenge, which will allow you to leave with a total of 80 XP.

To get your hands on these famous birthday cakes, you will have to go to one of the big cities of the island (the ones named on the map), and go more or less to their center, to see these cakes. When you are in front, you will have to eat a total of five slices, directly by approaching the cake and clicking on the button that appears, in one or more games, in order to gain shield or VP. Each part grants 5 life or shield points. However, with many players wishing to complete the challenge, the task could be somewhat complicated.

In order not to waste time in your research if you do not know where the birthday cakes are located, we have given you the exact location of these cakes on the map below.

As a reminder, unlike most of the challenges offered by Epic Games for the past few months, these challenges are available to all players and it is not necessary to have the Battle Pass to take part in them and collect the various rewards.
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