Get Triple S shoes, Balenciaga challenge

Obtaining Triple S shoes in the Strange Era access is a special challenge, unlocking exclusive graffiti. Epic Games has signed a new partnership at the start of season 8, with Balenciaga. One of the things of this crossover is to offer players a small series of challenges, allowing them to leave with exclusive items, including graffiti. In total, these are only two challenges that are offered to players of Fortnite, which may not seem like much. One of the challenges will ask you toget Triple S shoes in access to A Strange Era.

Where to get Triple S shoes?

This challenge is a bit special, since it does not ask you to go to battle royale mode. In fact, it is necessary start the creative world, to go to the lobby of this one. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just select Creative mode when Fortnite is launched, or choose the game mode via the mode selection.

Once in the Creative mode, you will see many pairs of shoes are arranged all over the place and are highlighted, which catches your eye. It is good about Triple S shoes, which must then be collected. You just have to walk over or next to them to get them. You have to collect a total of 40, in the same game, to validate this challenge, which is relatively simple since we have compiled at least 50.

Get Triple S shoes, Balenciaga challenge
If most are clearly visible in the shop in front of you when you spawn, some are very well hidden everywhere. You will have to open your eyes. In the shop, don't forget to go upstairs and in the adjoining rooms, since we find them there as well.

Once 40 pairs of Triple S shoes obtained, you will unlock an exclusive Balenciaga spray.
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