Hit a snowman with a vehicle, Winterfest 2021 challenge

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Hitting a snowman with a vehicle is one of the challenges of the Winter Festival of Fortnite version 2021. Find our tips to validate it. A new set of challenges is available for players of Fortnite on the occasion of the end of year celebrations. This isn't really surprising, given that Epic Games always hosts an event around this time of year. For 2021, it's the return of the winter party and all that that entails. Every day, you will have to complete a small quest to obtain great rewards. The sixth challenge of this holiday asks you to hit a snowman with a vehicle.

Hit a snowman with a vehicle in Fortnite

To complete this new challenge, earning 18 XP points, like all the others, you will not have a myriad of solutions. First, you will need find a vehicle, and, then, in a second step, go to a place where we find snowmen. Luckily, these are two things we find abundantly on the new map of Fortnite.

If you have already completed the challenge asking you to walk with frozen feet, you probably already know where to go to find snowmen for sure. The good news is that a vehicle is also nearby. We can therefore recommend landing directly at the second outpost of the seven, or at Sergeant Frimas' Workshop, since there are several vehicles in the area. Then you just have to go back to the outpost to hit a snowman. The challenge will be validated.

You can find the location of the area in question on our map below.

Don't forget to collect your daily gift from the chalet.
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