Hover Through 3 Rings as Clark Kent, Superman Challenge

"Glide through 3 rings as Clark Kent" is one of the special challenges for Superman. We give you all the tips to validate it quickly. This August 10 marked the kick-off of the superman challenges, which allow players to Fortnite having collected the Battle Pass to unlock the superhero's outfit. However, to get even more rewards, you have to take part in a rather complicated series of challenges, which could very quickly waste your time. One of these challenges will require you to glide through 3 rings as Clark Kent.

Hover Through 3 Rings as Clark Kent

The first thing to do before trying to solve this challenge is obviously to equip your outfit Clark Kent, in which case you will not be able to complete this challenge. Once this is done, you will have to take the direction of Weeping Woods, since we find above the locality, towards the north, a series ofgolden rings, which must therefore be crossed. 

The difficulty lies in the fact that these rings are particularly high. You will therefore have to pass through by jumping from the combat bus, which leaves you with little room for maneuver if the direction of the latter does not pass next to this forest. Five rings will be present in the area, visible from quite a distance, but only three must be crossed. For once, the presence of other players will not affect your result.

Hover Through 3 Rings as Clark Kent, Superman Challenge
Do not hesitate to activate your glider upstream to adjust the shot and not miss it and miss this challenge, which at first glance does not seem to be unachievable. Another little trick, if you can, start with the southernmost ring, since it is the highest ring.
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