How old is Diona in Genshin Impact?

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Diona is a four-star Cryo bow user from Monstadt who hails from the Kätzlein line. This family hails from Springvale and is known for their feline traits and incredible hunting prowess. While Diona herself is fast, she is best known as a genius Cat's Tail bartender whose ability to whip up legendary drinks remains unmatched.

Diona's character shares the same child body model as Qiqi and Klee. Although her exact age has yet to be revealed by lore in the game, what is currently known of her suggests she could be between 10 and 14 years old. But due to her personality and short stature, many fans think she is over 12 years old.

One factor that proves that Diona is not an adult in a small body is that she constantly separates herself from "adults" when talking about it, which can be interpreted as her lack of understanding of what it is. to be an adult. Also, in her retort about her hobby, Diona states that she enjoys hunting, but clarifies that it can only be done with a reliable adult.

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While Diona works as a bartender at the Cat's Tail - a job that would normally be that of an adult - she doesn't do it for financial reasons. Instead, she has an innocent dream of ridding the world of booze by creating the most evil drink of all time, fueled by her hatred for her drunken father, Draff.

However, Diona once befriended the Spring Fairy who granted Diona a blessing on her seventh birthday. This blessing guarantees that all the drinks she makes will always taste great, no matter how ridiculous the ingredients are.

It's unknown if Diona is aware of this blessing, but in her Hangout event, she knows that it's impossible for her to create a horrible drink. Despite this, she continues to serve the most amazing booze in hopes of ridding the world of booze. This contradiction suggests that Diona tends to approach her problems in a childish way, which makes her approximate age of 12 relatively accurate (from a personality standpoint).

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