How to Earn Beans and XP Fast in Among Us

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Among Us uses beans as currency, which are earned whether the player wins or loses. To earn them quickly, players must take advantage of the fact that they can earn them in private and public matches.

All players need to do is gather at least four people to start a match, then immediately call an emergency meeting after it starts. Then the impostor must speak out and everyone must reject him. Beans will be distributed to everyone, and players can repeat this process as often as they wish. Alternatively, the cooldown can be reduced and the impostor can just kill everyone quickly.

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The reward for completing the game using this method is usually 50-90 beans, so it's not high, but it's easy. With this method, players will earn an average of 525 beans per hour if it is said to take eight minutes with all the loading screens and the time it takes players to vote and work together.

It's not exciting, but farming currency or XP in games isn't usually fun. If you want to do it fast and still get beans, you need to set the kill cooldown really low and just let the killer chase everyone.

Our recommendation is not to talk too much about this as Innersloth allows players to use beans to purchase Cosmicubes. Players can also use stars to purchase Cosmicubes, but stars cost real money. It's more of a concern for developers when players cheat a system that brings money into the game.

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