Is there character creation in Torchlight Infinite?

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Torchlight Infinite is the next installment in the Torchlight series and aims to remain an enduring powerhouse. Like its predecessors, Torchlight Infinite will be a top-down action RPG and will also have many other new features. One thing fans may wonder if they will be able to create their own characters.

There will be no character creation in Torchlight Infinite. Instead, players can choose from many predefined characters to play as. However, within these characters, players will be able to customize them through skins, an extensive skill tree, and abilities. This will allow players to take ownership of the characters.

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While some will be disappointed not to be able to create their own characters, they will still have plenty of freedom to build their character. Torchlight Infinite will feature an extensive roster, with more likely to be added throughout the life of the game.

Torchlight Infinite has no release date outside of 2022 but will have an open beta on January 18, 2022. Those who signed up and secured entry will be able to test the game for themselves and experience the fast-paced action .

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