Is there co-op/multiplayer in Dodgeball Academia

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Dodgeball Academia has multiplayer, but not in the main game. The game's campaign was designed to be a single-player experience from start to finish. So if you want to play the campaign with a friend, they will have to stay on the sidelines.

Multiplayer is a separate mode from the main game. This mode only allows you to battle against your friends via intense dodgeball matches. This multiplayer mode is limited to two players only, so you will have to take turns if there are more players.

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While the single-player campaign offers a more strategic approach to gameplay, this multiplayer mode takes a more chaotic approach. The two players take on opposite sides of the field and face off in a dodgeball deathmatch. Both players can select their teammates as well as the type of game to play.

Multiplayer mode is limited to online offline play as there is no online functionality in Dodgeball Academia. This means that you will have to meet your friends to play intense dodgeball matches. It also means you can talk trash in person when you throw a ball in their face.

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