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Launching fireworks is one of the challenges of the Ariana Grande cards to complete. Find our tips to validate it quickly. This season 8 of Fortnite is a bit special, since part of the challenges are obtained step by step, via the fill-in-the-blank cards. Some are relatively simple, while others will require you to rack your brains a bit to get there. While most can be done fairly easily, many players need help or a little trick to save time, especially with Ariana Grande's fill-in-the-blank card challenge, asking you to launch fireworks.

Where to launch fireworks?

This final challenge for Ariana Grande's fillable card will ask you to set off fireworks. Although quite simple, this is probably the most difficult quest, since it will be the longest. Three fireworks will have to be launched, whether at Craggy Cliffs, Dirty Docks, north of Holly Hedges, west of Lazy Lake or even south of Catty Corner.

The choice will be made according to your location or the trajectory of the combat bus. You are free to go where you want, neither is more accessible than the other. On the spot, you will see a rocket. Just approach it and press the indicated key to launch it. After the operation has been performed three times, the challenge will be validated and the card to be filled in completed.

You can find the exact locations of the fireworks on our map.

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