Leave an IO vehicle in an alien colony, season 7 challenge

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“Leave an IO Vehicle in an Alien Colony” is a Fortnite Chapter 7 Season 2 Week XNUMX Challenge. Find our tips to validate it. The fortnite challenges are always in the game for this 7 season, despite changes to the Battle Pass. Players are now used to it over time, they wait impatiently for Thursday 16 p.m. to discover these new challenges (except for this first week), which are very useful to them, since they can allow them to recover XP in order to to progress in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics, such as outfits, back accessories or collection tools. One of these challenges will require you to leave an IO vehicle in an alien colony.

Where to leave an IO vehicle in an alien colony?

This challenge must be done in two stages. The first is simply to find an IO vehicle, which we can collect in all the satellite bases, and then to travel to an alien colony in order to leave this vehicle. In other words, you shouldn't have too much trouble completing this challenge if you hurry.

Indeed, many players will be motivated to complete this challenge, which will force you to try to succeed at the start of the game, at the risk of not finding an IO vehicle. To save time, we advise you to go at the base which is west of Believer Beach, take the vehicle there and drive towards Holly Hatchery, where we find a pretty extraterrestrial colony.

Otherwise, you can also take a vehicle from another base, but you will have more road and therefore more chances of dying during the journey. 

Here are the two locations mentioned above, in which you must go to complete this quest which will allow you to obtain 30 XP.
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