Marvel's Spider-Man Beginner Tips and Tricks: How to Become the Ultimate Spider-Man

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In the first step of our Marvel's Spider-Man Guide, we will share tips and tricks for beginners to show you how to be the ultimate spider-man. Thankfully, with intuitive controls, you'll soon find you're able to zip around town at ease, beating the punks with the athleticism and style of the web-slinger himself.

How to Swing Like a Pro in Marvel's Spider-Man

Webswing is Spider-Man's bread and butter, and it's largely simple fare. Pull the right trigger while the air and Spidey shoot a web at the nearest surface and swing it.

If you want to gain traction, you will need to time your swings well. We've found the best way to do this is to press X to jump off the seesaw when he approaches his height, then not shoot another web until Spidey is about to hit the ground. This way you will gain a lot of momentum with your follow up swing.

You can trigger a dive by hitting the correct analog, but we've found it's only really worth it when jumping off a building or to generate momentum when you start swinging.

Swing like a superstar in Marvel's Spider-Man

There are times when the webswing doesn't cut it either. Maybe you need to pull a tight turn or are you hovering over rooftops with nothing to swing?

The bend is your friend in the previous situation. Here you'll want to swing to the nearest building and pass the wall there, then hold the circle when you reach the end to shoot a web and quickly dock the building.

As for the latter, aiming for a platform and pressing both triggers at once will cause Spidey to catapult. Hold X as you approach and you'll perform a pinpoint launch, launching yourself into the air as soon as you land. You can chain them together to quickly propel yourself across rooftops when running out of swinging materials.

Finally, you can pull off a quick webzip in any direction with a tap of a falling X. It's best used to correct mistakes or to put yourself in a better position when you're in a bind.

How to Fight Like Spidey in Marvel's Spider-Man

If you've played an open-world action game in the last decade, the combat should be instantly familiar to you. Much like in older Assassin's Creed titles Batman: Arkham Asylum and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, you can basic attack, counter, and use a variety of special abilities to gain the upper hand in a tight spot.

We have found that the most effective way to fight is through the air. Push and hold square (your basic attack button) to launch an opponent into the air, then hammer square to whale on them. This protects you from the swarm of melee rogues, but not from gunfire – you'll still need to be wary of this.

Fighting like Spider-Man is fun

But it's not just a matter of security. In flight, you will gain more focus than you would on the ground. It's a gauge that fills up while you're in combat, and increases your damage and allows you to heal or perform special moves. You'll want as many as you can later.

But back to the gunshots. You'll know when you're about to get shot when a Spidey detection indicator appears around your head. Just hit the circle as soon as you see this to avoid the gunshots. At this point, you can start beating your enemy again.

It can be advantageous to take out ranged opponents first. To quickly close the ground between you and them, you can press triangle to use a web and zip directly.

Recommended Mods, Suit Powers, and Gadgets in Marvel's Spider-Man

You can complete your fighting style with a wide variety of suit powers (see: Marvel's Spider-Man: All Suits and How to Unlock Them), gadgets, and mods. We generally found it best to focus on buffs that filled our focus meter faster, as this not only increases your damage output, but also allows you to perform moves that will instantly down an enemy.

Any aftermarket mods we've filled with damage boost mods, but you need to be very confident dodging to get away with it. If that's not you, it might be a good idea to increase the strength of your heal or remove your armor when facing particularly troublesome enemy types.

There are also situational mods that increase the recharge rate of gadgets or help you move faster. Use them if necessary. Many challenges require you to pull off specific moves, so if you're struggling, use a mod that will make your life easier.

What are your favorite Spider-Man mods?

In terms of gadgets, these also tend to be situational. Our best advice would be to remember them - especially during stealth sections as that's when they're most useful. Play with them at every opportunity and you'll quickly realize their strengths.

Be Sure To Do The Side Quests In Marvel's Spider-Man

Our final piece of advice is to try acting like Spider-Man. Do you think he would openly ignore desperate pleas from a harassed neighboring citizen? Or just ignore a car chase on the way to his next mission? No, he wouldn't.

It's even crazier that you would ignore them, because it actually pays to do those extra tasks. Poor Spider-Man barely gets a thank you on a good day.

Defeat one and you get a variety of tokens. You'll use them to unlock new costumes, mods, gadgets, and upgrades – many of which make your life easier.

The extra content is usually quite engaging too, and can teach you mechanics you might have overlooked until then. Take a break from time to time and head to the nearest mission marker to become a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It pays.

That wraps up our first Marvel's Spider-Man guide.

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