Place cameras at landing craft sites, season 7 challenge

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“Place cameras at different landing ship sites” is a Fortnite Chapter 7 Season 2 Week XNUMX challenge. Find our tips to validate it. The fortnite challenges are always in the game for this 7 season, despite changes to the Battle Pass. Players are now used to it over time, they wait impatiently for Thursday 16 p.m. to discover these new challenges (except for this first week), which are very useful to them, since they can allow them to recover XP in order to to progress in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics, such as outfits, back accessories or collection tools. One of these challenges will require you to place cameras at different landing ship sites.

Place cameras at landing ship sites

It looks like the aliens are planning to massively land on the battle royale island. In any case, this is what the title of this challenge implies, which will ask you to place cameras at landing craft sites.

For that, we will have to go to Retail Row, which is on the eastern part of the island, and place three small cameras, which are placed on a tripod (translucent blue, as always). All three are a few meters from the city and can be placed in the same part, if you manage to get rid of your enemies, which will probably be numerous. Here is their location: 
  • North of Retail Row, on a small hill.
  • To the west, just off the road.
  • To the south, at the foot of a tree.
For more precision, you can use our map below.

Note, however, that there are more on the island. You will find a wider choice on the menu below:

Once the challenge is completed, you will walk away with 30 XP, for your seasonal progress.
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