Place coins on the map, Free Guy challenge

"Placing coins on the map" is part of the special challenges for the Free Guy event in Fortnite. We give you all the tips to validate it quickly. This August 12 marked the kick-off of the défis Free Guy, which allow players to Fortnite to unlock an emote of the main character of the film, released this Wednesday, August 11 in France. However, for this, you must have validated five of the challenges, including the one asking you to place pieces on the board.

Placing coins on the map in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you will have to place three pieces on Fortnite Island. Nevertheless, you will have the possibility to choose your place, since at least eight locations for place pieces are available. You will therefore be able to go wherever you want, or almost (the center of the island does not have one), to complete this challenge.

Once faced with a play, blue in color and always translucent, you only have to interact with it to perform the action (E by default on PC, for example). The operation will therefore have to be carried out three times, whether in the same game or in several. You can of course use our map below to help repair the locations of the parts, which are also indicated directly in game.

Place coins on the map, Free Guy challenge
No major rewards will be given to you, but this challenge is required to unlock the Chic Type emote, voiced by Ryan Reynolds himself.

Note that quests must have been activated for them to appear. You will find more information here.
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