Place Warning Signs, Season 7 Challenge

“Place Warning Signs” is a Fortnite Chapter 7 Season 2 Week XNUMX Challenge. Find our tips to validate it. The fortnite challenges are always in the game for this 7 season, despite changes to the Battle Pass. Players are now used to it over time, they wait impatiently for Thursday 16 p.m. to discover these new challenges (except for this first week), which are very useful to them, since they can allow them to recover XP in order to to progress in the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics, such as outfits, back accessories or collection tools. One of these challenges will require you to place warning signs.

Placing warning signs in Fortnite

To warn the island of what will happen with this end of the season, you will have to place four warning signs. You can go to three different cities to complete this challenge, but you will probably have to go to at least two, since only Dirty Docks seems to offer 4 (3 for the others).

So we find them in Misty Meadows, one to the north, east side, one to the south and another to the west, all close to the road. You can use the map below.

As for Dirty Docks, we find two to the north, one towards the center and another to the south, towards the containers. You can also use the map below.

Finally, as for Pleasant Park, we find two on either side of the small central square, and another at the entrance to the city to the northeast. Again, they are near a street. You can also use the map below.

To place a warning sign, you just have to interact with it. But you are used to it now.
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