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The goal of any Pokémon game is to “catch them all,” and Pokémon Café Mix is ​​no different. While we're rapidly approaching 13 in the main series, Pokémon Café Mix has a much more accessible XNUMX. This number does not take into account the special versions of each of the "my" currently available, such as Sweets Pikachu.

If you're currently as obsessed with Pokémon Café Mix as we are, then you probably want to know exactly what Pokémon you can expect to encounter in your little cafe. Well, that's where we come in. We've put together this list of all 13 possible Pokémon staff members you can recruit during your adventure. We will also include all the necessary information that will help you choose the right month for the job and update it as new Pokémon arrive.

If you're not sure if it's worth your time, we can help. We've put together a review of Pokémon Café Mix, which digs deeper into how good (or not) it is. You can also check out our Pokémon Café Mix guide for tips on how to get started, and our Pokémon Café Mix Golden Gorns guide for tips on how to get more.

Here are all the Pokémon available in Pokémon Café Mix:


This plant-like Pokémon specializes in small plates and joins your staff after completing Order 77.


The definitive best Pokémon (don't question it) is one of the first you encounter in Pokémon Café Mix. The cute fire lizard is a helping hand for making drinks.


Water 'mon is a small plate specialist and can help cool your coffee if it's too hot. Thanks Squirtle!


This electric mouse specializes in candy and is currently only available as a microtransaction or through a login event.


Jigglypuff is not currently available in Pokémon Café Mix, although it has been confirmed for an upcoming release. We'll update this as soon as we learn more.


Similar to Jigglypuff, Meowth is a future confirmed staff member who is currently unavailable at this time.


It's pretty obvious from watching Slurpuff that he likes sugar, so it makes sense that he's a candy specialist.


What's with Pokemon and Candy? We expected some type of bird to like salty snacks. But Starly is also a good specialist.


Lucario will arrive in a future update, when we confirm the specialty and more.


This classic is the first you will recruit for your cafe and he is a tiresome and enthusiastic worker. A true model employee.


We can't imagine many of you would be comfortable approaching a cafe counter behind which Snubbull stands menacingly, but this Pokemon is really good at small plates, apparently.


We'd be worried about Munchlax eating away at us, but we'd be happy to take on this Pokemon as a customer. Either way, the hungry Pokemon is good for making entrees.


This cute little Pokémon is good at making candies. Pokémon really like candy apparently.

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