Pokémon Go: Can Kyurem be shiny? Prices and how to get

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Shiny Pokémon are rare versions of Pokémon in Pokémon go that have an altered appearance. They are called shiny because they usually add a slight sheen, which makes them stand out more than normal versions.

brilliant rates

Aside from Pokemon that don't have shiny versions in the game, each Pokemon has a base shine rate that tells you how often you'll see its shiny version. Kyurem is a legendary Pokémon, which typically has a shine rating of 1 in 20 (about five percent). So for every 20 Kyurem you catch, you'll likely only get one shiny version.

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How to have

There is no way to force a Shiny version of a Pokémon to appear. Instead, players just have to play the game and hope to encounter one. However, there are a few tricks players can use to get one more easily.

  • Play at events featuring Kyurem. The next Raid Hour that features this Pokémon will be hosted on December 22. Raid Hours do not increase the shine rate of Pokémon, but they still appear in level 5 raids, and Raid Hours force level 5 raids to appear much more often.
  • Stock up on berries. You'll want to catch every Kyurem you see. Berries don't make it more likely to find the shiny versions, but they do make it less likely that a shiny version will escape if you try to catch it.
  • Get ready for an hour of exploration. Find a good place in your area with plenty of nearby gyms. The Kyurem won't come to you, you have to travel to find them! You can also use apps like the PokeRaid app to raid from anywhere in the world!


The images below show the normal and shiny versions of Kyurem.

That's all there is to know about the shiny versions of Kyurem!

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