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Many things can hinder your progress in Pokémon Go. If you live in a rural area, Pokémon can be rare. Sometimes you want to enjoy your surroundings without constantly looking at your phone. Our Pokémon Go hack guide will give you some simple life hacks and important reasons why impersonation might not be a wise choice.

Luckily, we can recommend many Pokémon Go hacks that won't get your account banned. Some of our tips will require fun gadgets to fully utilize them. Some are general life hacks that you may not have considered before. We've made all of our instructions easy to follow, so once you've read the guide, you'll be ready to play right away.

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There are a few accessories available to help you catch Pokemon and spin Pokéstops without having to constantly stare at your phone as you walk. We've listed the features of both devices so you can choose which is best for you:

I got you

The Go-tcha comes with a stylish strap and has a handy OLED screen that displays different symbols to show you what each vibration means.

  • An automatic capture function is available. This feature means the Go-tcha will attempt to catch any nearby Pokémon
  • If you don't want to use auto-capture, the Go-tcha vibrates and displays a unique animation when a Pokémon is nearby. You will then have to press a button to start the meeting
  • Go-tcha vibrates and displays a unique animation when you are near a Pokéstop. Just press a button on the device to spin it

Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon Go Plus is much simpler than the Go-tcha, rather than an OLED screen, the device flashes different colored lights and vibrates depending on the situation.

  • When a Pokémon is nearby, the device will vibrate and a green light will flash if the available Pokémon has already been caught if it is a new Pokémon, the light will flash yellow. There's no auto-capture feature, so you still have to press a button
  • When you are near a Pokéstop, the device vibrates and a blue light flashes, if you want to spin the stop you must press the button


Be sure to check the store every day! Once a day you will receive a box full of free goodies, the items you receive will vary, but they mostly contain Pokéballs and Potions. Sometimes you will find a special box for sale that only costs one coin. This box will include fantastic items, with the newest coin box containing three remote raid passes. These passes usually cost 100 coins each.


Before you evolve your Pokemon, you'll want to make sure it's strong enough to be worth using your precious candies. The higher a Pokémons IV is, the better its stats will be. 15 is the highest possible IV and zero is the lowest. There are several ways to verify a Pokemons IV. You can find the instructions below:

Leader evaluation

  • Choose the Pokemon whose IVs you want to check
  • Tap the button in the lower right corner of your screen
  • Press APPRAISE, the number of stars displayed will let you know how good your Pokemon IVs are:
    • Zero stars: less than 50%
    • One star: 51% – 63,4%
    • Two stars: 66,7% – 80%
    • Three stars: 82,2% – 98%
    • Three stars on a red background: 100%

Search bar

If you're not sure which Pokemon you want to evolve, head to the main Pokemon menu, tap your search bar and type in 1*, 2*, 3*, or 4* and all Pokemon belonging to each bracket will appear. will display. up!

Pokemon IV Calculator

If you're looking for a closer look at your Pokémon IVs, the Calculator is a must-have tool! The calculator will show you the best moveset, IV percentage, future power-ups, and more.

  • Choose the Pokemon whose stats you want to calculate
  • Grab CP, Attack, Defense and HP
  • Press Calculate


Some players think excessive amounts of Pidgey, Rattata, and Wurmple are a nuisance, and other players use these Pokémon to level up quickly. Once you've caught a substantial number of first-evolution Pokemon, use a Lucky Egg and evolve as many of them as you can within the half-hour time frame. This method should give you a good dose of experience quickly.


Impersonation is a Pokemon Go hack that allows your character to spawn anywhere in the world, this seems like a great way to nab regional exclusives, or if you live in a rural area, a way easy to catch pokemon without going to town. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Players who spoof their location are very likely to be banned or have any Pokémon they caught during the spoofing removed. Many identity theft methods also require you to jailbreak your phone. Jailbreaking is against Apple's Terms of Service and can significantly reduce your device's cybersecurity.

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