Pokémon Go Persian: Best counters and weaknesses

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Giovanni has returned to cause trouble in Pokémon Go, and he's brought with him some of the strongest Pokémon and perhaps the toughest non-PvP battle in the game. As always, he'll start a battle with Persian, who is known to be its primary Pokémon throughout the franchise.

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  • Type : Normal
  • Weak Against: Fighting
  • Resistance Against: Ghost
  • Remarks
    • The Persian's biggest drawback is that its only weakness is Fighting-type Pokemon. It wouldn't normally be bad, but a lot of Giovanni's other Pokemon are strong against Persian. Players would be wise to use a Battle Pokemon against the Persian, but then be prepared to take it out as soon as the Persian is defeated, as he likely won. not well against the rest of his roster.

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Because Mega Pokémon are rarely used, we chose not to include them in the list of best counters.

Pokémon fast attack Charged Attack
Competition durr To counter Dynamic Punch
Lucario To counter Aura Sphere
machamp To counter Cross cut
Hariyama Contain Dynamic Punch
Blaziken To counter Focus Blast

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