Pokémon Go Regigigas: How to get, best counters and shiny Regigigas rates

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The Summer Solstice event has just begun for Pokémon Go, starting with a Regigigas raid event that will last two weeks. During the event, Regigigas and Shiny Regigigas will be featured in 5-Star Raids! In the guide below, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Regigigas, including where to find them, the best counters, and the chance to encounter a Shiny Regigigas!

How to get bright Regigigas and Regigigas

Outside of the Summer Solstice event dates of June 17-20, 2021, trainers would not normally find Regigigas in the wild or in raids. However, for the duration of the event, Regigigas will be the only Pokémon featured in 5-Star Raids across the world. When you defeat a Regigigas in one of these raids, you will have a chance to catch it. Pokémon caught this way have a much higher chance of getting a three-star rating.

Shiny Regigigas is found the same way, but much less often. Shiny Regigigas debuts in Pokémon Go during the Midsummer event, so it's more likely to be Shiny than normal. During the event, it may have a bright rating that ranges between one percent and four percent. After the event ends, Regigigas will likely return to the normal shine rate of 0,002%.

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Regigigas statistics, information and counters

Below are the basic stats and the most important things you need to know about Regigigas.

  • Type : Normal
  • Boosted by: partly cloudy weather
  • Max CP | Attack | Defense | Stamina: 4913 | 287 | 210 | 221
  • Strong against (violation): none
  • Weak against (offense): Rock, Steel, Ghost
  • Vulnerable Against (Defense): Fight
  • Resistant Against (Defense): Ghost

The best types of attacks to use against Regigigas are combat attacks. Some of the best Pokemon counters to use against Regigigas include Lucario, Conkledurr, Machamp, Breloom, and Hariyama.

That's all there is to know about Regigigas during the Midsummer Event!

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