Pokémon Unite: how to play the Japanese beta test?

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Did you miss the Pokémon Unite beta test? No worries, players can still enjoy the pre-release gameplay of the brand new and first MOBA video game in the franchise.

Pokémon Unite: how to play the Japanese beta test?

Pokémon fans who may have slept through their region's beta testing window for Pokémon Unite can get a second chance to experience it; in Japanese. With a few steps to complete the process, follow this guide to prepare for the Pokémon Unite Japanese beta test.

June 24-26; players can start the Pokémon Unite beta test for the Japan region, regardless of the country they are in. With a few steps to follow, as well as some precautionary measures to be taken AT THE PLAYER'S RISK, be sure to read carefully before you begin.

Create a new Nintendo eShop account

This is where players need to take precautions. Using a preset Nintendo eShop account may cause complications with subscriptions and other settings when changing regions. This is why players need to create a new Nintendo eShop account, with the region set to Japan.

  • Go to My.Nintendo.com to create a new account
    • Make sure to enter a valid email address to verify the new account
  • Set region to Japan
    • Complete the process and verify the account

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  • Get on your Nintendo Switch
    • Go to System Settings and add a new user
    • Link the new Nintendo Account to this user and verify
  • Go to online store
    • Select the new Nintendo Account
    • A pop-up warning about language preferences will appear; press OK
  • The Japanese eShop will show up
    • Enter the password for the new eShop account one last time
    • Find the hourglass icon at the top left of the screen and search for "Unite"
    • The game will appear; click on it to open it and press the most obvious buttons to download the beta version
    • Don't worry about buying or pre-ordering the game by accident when you click the download button labeled in Japanese; it is not available for purchase or pre-order at this time. Again, just hit the most obvious buttons.

Wait for the beta to download and enjoy!

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