Pokémon UNITE: the best versions of Dragonite

Dragonite is a ranged All-Rounder with balanced speed, stamina, and attack power, allowing it to fulfill multiple roles in Pokemon Unite. Dragonite excels in mobility and can play ranged or melee. Below is a list of items and abilities that will create the best build when playing Dragonite.


  • dragon's breath
    • Dragonite exhales a breath attack in a designated direction. If it hits an opposing Pokémon, Dragonite's next basic attack is boosted.
  • dragon dance
    • Dragonite leaps in a designated direction, increasing its movement speed, base attack speed, and damage dealt for a short time. When a basic attack hits an opposing Pokémon, it reduces the cooldown of Dragon Dance. Using this move consecutively increases the damage dealt by the Dragonite.
  • Outrage
    • Dragonite begins to unleash, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of ​​effect. Triggers the additional effect of the last Boosted Basic Attack used. Additionally, all basic attacks become melee special attacks with increased attack speed. After Outrage ends, Dragonite is unable to act for a short time.

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  • muscle band
    • Increases basic attack damage.
  • Focus band
    • When the Pokemon drops to low HP, it recovers a percentage of the lost HP for a few seconds.
  • Weakness policy
    • Raises the Pokémon's Attack for a short time when it takes damage. This increase increases as damage is taken.
  • Eject button
    • Quickly moves the Pokémon in the designated direction.

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