Reigniting a Campfire, Operation Snowfall Challenge

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Find in this guide the locations of campfires in Fortnite, to quickly and easily validate the challenges. In addition to the weekly challenges, Epic Games has made a habit of launching temporary events, especially to celebrate certain things, such as the end of the year. This is how the Operation Snowfall event was born, which promises to offer many rewards to players, but also XP. One of the challenges will ask you to kindle a campfire. We tell you where to find them.

Reigniting a Campfire in Fortnite

To complete the challenge, you will have to revive two campfire, in one or more parts. The task is relatively simple, but if you want to optimize your time, we explain where to find several that are quite close.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in Fortnite where at least two campfire are close to each other. You can use our map below, in which we show you several places to prioritize if you want to quickly validate the challenge. Of course, there are many other campfire on the island.

To rekindle a campfire, you won't have much to do. Just approach it and press the indicated button to light it up, then click again to revive it. Nevertheless, you will have to be careful to have wood in your possession. A minimum of 30 units is required to rekindle the campfire, but if you wait too long, it will turn off, and it will cost you 300 units to turn it back on again.
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