Relaunch a fish in the water, week 12 challenge

Find our tips for the challenge "Relaunch a fish in the water" counting for the twelfth week of season 5 of chapter 2 of Fortnite. You can take advantage of our map with multiple locations to make it happen quickly. Even if Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 offers a lot of new features with random quests, Epic Games does not forget the famous weekly challenges, which come out every Thursday at 15 p.m. These challenges allow players to collect XP in order to progress through the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics and skin variants. One of the challenges will ask you, in particular, to throw a fish back into the water.

How to relaunch a fish in the water

To complete this challenge, you will necessarily have to get your hands on a fishing rod, whatever it is (we find them in barrels, on the ground or in chests). Once this is done, you will have to find a school of fish (fishing spot) and catch at least one fish. When you have it in your possession, you will have to throw it back into the water to complete the challenge.

Select the fish as if it were a weapon and press the key to aim. You should see a blue line appear to show the trajectory of the throw, and you just have to press the button to shoot to throw it. The fish will then be thrown back into the water and you will have validated the challenge. Here is a very easy way to get the promised 20 XP. However, be careful when fishing, as you are particularly vulnerable to your opponents. We advise you to do it in a quiet place or in a rat race.
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