Reveal symbol of command, Ariana Grande challenge

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Revealing the symbol of command is one of the challenges of the cards to be completed by Ariana Grande. Find our tips to validate it quickly. This season 8 of Fortnite is a bit special, since part of the challenges are obtained step by step, via the fill-in-the-blank cards. Some are relatively simple, while others will require you to rack your brains a bit to get there. While most can be done fairly easily, many players need help or a little trick to save time, especially with Ariana Grande's fill-in-the-blank card challenge, asking you to reveal the symbol of command.

Reveal Symbol of Command

Again, the challenge is not very complicated since you have several possibilities to achieve your goals. At least five points are available, knowing that only one is enough for the quest to be completed.

One symbol can be seen at Believer Beach, another at Corny Crops, one at Weeping Woods, another at Misty Meadows, and the last at Retail Row. Visit any one and reveal it by interacting with the indicated key to validate it. These are translucent and easily visible.

You can find on our map below all the locations, with the maximum precision, of all the symbols.

Once done, you can move on to the last challenge and thus complete Ariana Grande's fill-in card.
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